How to get there

Coimbra is located in Central Portugal, 100 km south of Oporto and 200 km north of Lisbon.

Montemor-o-Velho is 30 km west of Coimbra and the Aguieira dam 30 km east.


The best way is through the Oporto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

The airport is connected by subway to the Campanhã station (line E – purple).

Subway – Airport -> Campanhã station: 30 min

Train – Campanhã -> Coimbra: 1h

Bus – Airport -> Coimbra: 1h15

Porto – Coimbra directions


From July 2012, Lisbon’s Airport (LIS) will also be connected by subway to the Gare do Oriente station.

Subway or bus – Airport -> Gare do Oriente: 5 min

Train – Oriente -> Coimbra: 2h

Bus – Airport-> Coimbra: 2h15

Lisboa – Coimbra directions