Centre: in the heart of Portugal

The central region of Portugal offers unique places for rowing training: besides the several rivers and dams, the only rowing venue in Portugal is located in this region. The European Champs 2010 was held in Montemor-o-Velho venue and the canoeing European Champs Under-23 and Junior will take place there in 2012.

The climate is mild, with average temperatures above the 6º C in the winter and 25ºC in the summer.

We propose 3 locations for your training camps: Coimbra, Montemor-o-Velho and Aguieira dam.

Coimbra is a more suitable place for club training. Located in a city of 150,000 inhabitants, it allows you to train and do something else.

Montemor is ideal for seat racing or taking times in the 2 km length, 8 rowing lanes. The village is small and quiet, allowing greater concentration at work.

The Aguieira dam is ideal for long-distance training, in a calm and peaceful location, without any distractions.


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